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The concept design of the lake retreat “Sicily” is inspired by the dammuso. The dammuso, the autochthonous construction of Pantellerla Island, was created In the 10th century A.D. and it evolved and evolved up until the 17th century. The main elements of the structure are: exceptionally wide walls which are necessary to support the domes. The particular shape of the rounded roofs has been conceived above all for the collection and canalization of  the rain water into the cisterns which are situated in close proximity to the dammuso. The thick walls of these constructions insulate them. keeping the rooms cool in the summer and warm in the winter. As the dammusi are built out of the natural stone found on the Island, they blend in very well with the surrounding landscape. The Intenor of the dammuso is made up of three spaces, the main room, a small bedroom and an alcove (which is commonly, used as the main bedroom). The elements which complete the basic unit of the dammuso are a sheltered patio covered wlth bamboo canes called “cannizzato”, and the garden (u Jardino), a stone construction, designed for citrus plants, such as lemons, limes, mandarins and oranges; it has high walls to protect the trees from the strong winds and to keep the temperature warm in the winter. Inspired by the dammuso, our design combines the following distinctive features:

  • Simple and functional spaces.
  • Best orientation for each room, to maximize the “solar factor’.
  • Permanent sun-shading techniques and brise soleil for the light control.
  • Roof garden and thick thermal insulation to minimize the summer air conditioning and winter heating.
  • Solar thermal panels, a cheap way to produce hot water.
  • Greenhouse integrated in the home design, and external kitchen garden.
  • Local stone for the best landscape integration.
  • Durable material, as stone and reinforced concrete that guarantee little maintenance and longevity.
  • Rainwater recycling for toilets and irrigation.
  • One master bedroom, with the option to convert the studio in a guest room.
  • Studio, master bedroom and living room overlook the lake and the garden through big sliding windows
2011 Who's Next Concorsi